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  What are the different types of exercises?
  Strength training also called weight training burns calories and impedes bone and muscle loss. Strength training helps prevent disease, creates strength, boosts energy levels and improves mood, posture and balance.
  Flexibility training improves the ability to move about, by increasing the range of motion in the joints and lengthening the muscles. This assists with preventing mobility loss so that one is better able to do daily tasks. The stiffness that increases with age is greatly improved with flexibility exercises.
Cardio training also called aerobic training works the heart and lungs. The heart is a muscle and like other muscles needs to be exercised on a regular basis to keep it strong.  Cardio training increases endurance, improves blood flow, burns calories,  reduces health risks, helps manage chronic conditions and increases longevity.
Having energy, strength, flexibility and balance are the keys to maintaining your independence and active lifestyle as you age.
How often should I exercise? The recommendation is cardio training 3-5 days a week with strength training 2 days a week and flexibility work daily.
What if I am Inactive or in poor health? We will start out at your appropriate level and progress slowly. Exercise has been shown to help manage and improve chronic conditions.
Do I need to consult my doctor? Yes, it is important that your health care practitioner has given their approval.
Can I workout with my friend/spouse? Yes, having a fitness buddy helps maintain motivation. Do I have enough space in my home to workout? As long as you have an area you can lie down comfortably, we are good.
Do I have enough space in my home to workout? As long as you have an area you can lie down comfortably, we are good.
What type of equipment do I need? I bring all the equipment with me.
Do you provide written instructions or images? Yes, if you want I will give you a printed programme with instructions and diagrams.
What should I expect from an exercise session? The first time we meet is for the confidential consultation. We discuss your goals and your health. I take a medical history followed by an assessment to see which exercises to plan for you. I will be empathetic to your needs and concerns and answer any of your questions.  You will need to ask your doctor for medical clearance and if there are any medical limitations while exercising. This meeting usually takes 1 1 hours.
The next 1 hour session starts with a warm up to prepare your body for the exercises. I demonstrate all exercises and explain them competely and frequently. Not everyone is the same, so I modifying the exercises for your specific needs. We work the whole body and also do balance exercises. The last part is flexibility exercises and stretching. I answer all questions and explain everything in detail, so that you understand and learn.


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